Story of SFTec

SFTec was founded in 2013 as a spin-off company from the University of Oulu. The idea for our main product ModHeat stems from the metallurgical industries’ need for more cost-efficient material dryer. The solutions before were either too large and expensive or too small and inefficient.

We started developing the dryer in close project cooperation with research institutes and Universities. First step was to build a small pilot device to test the technology. This very device is still operational and used to test new materials. Finally after many different events, we ended up developing the full-scale device in a marine container. This product was build together with our customers following their needs and wishes. During the years we have learned a lot about properties of different materials.

We manufacture and develop industrial dryers that are based on our own patented technology. We also offer material drying as a service to our customers. We are an innovative technology company and experts in drying technologies, process engineering and circular economy. We also develop and commercialize other innovations that aim to enhance productivity for our customers. We want to develop new circular economy based business with our innovations together with our customers.

Our values


We develop and commercialize our own technologies for the needs of our customers and more sustainable world.


We have ideas for larger solutions for industry, bioeconomy and circular economy. We drive these ideas forward in cooperation projects with research institutions and industry partners.


Circular economy is one of the corner stones of our company. We aim to enable new circular economy based business with our innovations.

Customer first

We can succeed only if our customers succeeds. The core of our company is to solve the most painful problems of our customers with our easy to understand products and services.

Research and development network