Hellen Santos started working at SFTec on 3th September 2019 as a postdoctoral researcher, with an awarded grant from the PoDoCo program. The project “Applications of ModHeat® drying technology in recycling industrial side-streams” has been submitted to the PoDoCo program in the round 1-2019, and the grant was awarded on June 2019, financed by the Tekniikan edistämissäätiö. The project targets to explore the versatility of ModHeat® technology with R&D of potential by-products, which can be obtained from waste and side-streams of different industrial segments (e.g. metallurgical, paper & pulp, biomass producers, etc.), generating new paths towards circular economy.

Hellen is adding to SFTec team broad expertise in standardization procedures, product development and materials chemistry. She is specialized in analytical & materials chemistry, having 9 years of industrial experience in R&D, QC and managerial positions, a master’s degree in analytical chemistry and a doctoral degree in materials chemistry. Hellen’s main interests focus on multidisciplinary research and development of new products and technologies, ranging from the inorganic to organic and hybrid materials, keeping the belief that there shouldn’t be barriers in science. Moreover, Hellen enjoys tasks related to QC and compliance with regulatory & standardization constraints. Therefore, Hellen is showing enthusiasm towards SFTec’s challenges and needs, aiming to contribute to SFTec’s directions toward innovative environmental solutions.