SFTec and Carbofex finalized an agreement to deliver a ModHeat dryer to the Carbofex’s biochar production plant. The dryer will handle spruce chips (used as raw material for the pyrolysis process), and the waste heat from the pyrolysis process will be reused as heat energy for the drying operation. Waste heat from the pyrolysis process and warm exhaust air from ventilation will be utilized as heat energy for the drying operation.“The demand for biochar is on the rise” says Sampo Tukiainen, the CEO of Carbofex. “By increasing our drying performance we can significantly increase the production capacity of our plant.”

Carbofex produces biochar and carbon negative district heating in Hiedanranta, Tampere. Their production plant is the biggest constant pyrolysis plant in Europe and the only one in Finland. Carbofex is first and foremost a technology company that develops and delivers biochar plants.

“This delivery will be an important asset as operational reference for us” tells Jani Isokääntä, the CEO of SFTec. The equipment will be installed during 2019.