The high-class MPIDEA competition to create 100,000 jobs in Finland was resolved last week in Tampere. Industrial dryer ModHeat, was chosen as the winner among the four finalists thanks to its potential for employment and commercialization. The father of this innovation, Juha Roininen from SFTec Oy, received the Main Prize.

Minister of Labor Jari Lindström handed out the Main Prize to the Winner as the Chair of the Jury. The Main Prize is access to 6 months of sparring in the growth accelerator ReNew Growth of the world’s leading consultancy, McKinsey & Company. The MPIDEA award ceremony was arranged as the highlight of the first day at the Finland’s largest and most important industry event Manufacturing Performance Days 2017 (MPD).

ModHeat, Modular Heating, is a modular and mobile industrial dryer, which enables economical and efficient utilization of unused industrial waste heat to dry bioenergy materials. Several pilots have shown that the dryer is capable of handling many different types of materials that have been difficult to dry using traditional technologies. With the innovation, new kind of business models can be utilized in the bioenergy sector, because an easy-to-use dryer system can make a real difference in the production chain.

The innovation lowers major costs of material handling and transportation, and at the same time the environmental aspects will be positive. Drying improves the efficiency of bioenergy. Saved energy and increased capacity could be used to dry material all over Finland. Bioenergy could be further developed locally to change oil burners to use pellets.