Years of hard work and believing in our vision are finally paying off. It is time to start a new chapter in the story of SFTec. The year 2019 will be full of exiting opportunities and accelerating growth for our industrial drying technology company. Many good things that we have worked diligently on are turning into a reality.

Year 2018 was in many ways a success. The biggest and most concrete achievement was the opening of our Demo Plant in Oulu. Demo Plant can process many kinds of organic sludges and turn them into eco friendly fertilizers. This facility is funded by Government key funding and will be open for new materials until the fall of 2019. Aside from nutrient recycling we did piloting for many different materials. Most of which no-one had even thought of drying and utilizing before. ModHeat indeed can be considered a enabling technology in the areas of circular economy and bioeconomy.


The first steps in international business

For the year 2019 we are especially pleased to take our first steps in international business. Developing and piloting our next generation product together with significant Central European partners challenge our whole team to give their best efforts. During the spring of 2019, ModHeat Heavy, the solution for heavy inorganic materials of metallurgic industry, starts its tour from England and continues its journey to Germany. On both sites we are drying side stream materials of steelmaking which – after drying – can be circulated back to the processes or processed into totally new products. We and the customers have high expectations for the pilot projects.

International cooperation is a clear theme also in our R&D efforts. Utilization of waste heats is a crucial piece of circular economy. Our technology is designed so that it can utilize many different kinds of waste heat sources as energy in the drying process. During this year we are working as a part of two different EU projects. In ECOSLAG our work revolves around the utilization of waste heat of molten slag that is produced as a side product of steelmaking. In ArctiqDC we are testing the waste heat of data centers in industrial scale drying of wood chips.

New actions have been taken also in domestic markets. A special mention goes to Stora Enso Circular Economy Accelerator. It is a global startup accelerator program that SFTec was selected to take part in. Work of course continues together with our existing customers and first long term solutions for different sectors are finally starting to turn into a reality.


Growth from circular economy

A big enabling factor in our growth is circular economy. We are happy to realize how especially in Finland we have started to make concrete actions in circular economy both in government level and also in companies. Circular economy is seen as a viable business opportunity in which companies must and should invest in. Whether we are talking about utilization of side streams, bioenergy, waste heats or development of new biobased products, we can clearly see that there is a place for cost efficient drying process in many different value chains. Circular economy is made in co-creation of many different actors in larger business ecosystems. We will be continuing active development of new forms of cooperation also during this year. The interests of different entities have never been closer to each other.

We see circular economy as a enabler of new business. But we also want to do our part in making the world more sustainable for the future generations.


New value

Developing a new industrial scale technology has been a long journey. We are glad that after five years of development the ModHeat technology has reached commercial maturity. This year we will be launching three new products. Each of them are optimized for certain material and business sector. We couldn’t have reached this point without the support of public funding and first open-minded customers.

On top of developing our technology, we are constantly doing work in order to develop our drying services. We want to be able to fulfill our customers’ acute drying needs in a more flexible and efficient way. The focus of everything that we do is to get our customers’ materials into better use through our cost efficient drying technology.

We are expecting the year 2019 to be the best year of the history of SFTec. We have set ambitious goals for the growth of our revenue. These goals can only be met by doing even tighter cooperation with our customers and creating even more value for them with our constantly developing techological solutions.

We wish all our customers and cooperation partners a successful year 2019. We also warmly welcome new partners from all sectors of industry and research.

Jani Isokääntä