Drying is an art of skill

We have specialized in drying new value out of wet material flows. Our ModHeat® technology suits for many different materials and the capacity scales up to any volume needed. Material drying is a challenging process. Every material and environment is different from each other. On top of that, the customers’ requirements for the end product make each and every drying case unique.

We want to ensure that our customers get their materials dryed and reutilized in an easy and affordable way.





1. Need

Every material and environment is unique. Drying needs and conditions need to be carefully examined before to get things started.


  • What material needs to be dryed and how much of it is formed?
  • How the material is handled at the moment?
  • Is there a waste heat source that could be used for drying heat?
  • How the material is used once it is dried?
  • What is the moisture level of material before and after the drying process?




2. Testing

We have many testing options available to test your material in small and large scale. Either at customers premises or ours.

Feasibility tests and material analysis

We have dried dozens of materials with great results but if the material is new to us, we can start with feasibility tests and perform material analysis’. The purpose of feasibility tests is to try out the suitability of technology for the material and define the optimal drying parameters. For the optimal and cost-efficient drying result we need to adjust the drying parameters for each case separately. Best result is a combination of drying temperature, time and air flow depending on the materials’ starting and ending moisture level.

Full scale mobile pilot

A popular option for piloting is our full scale mobile dryer. Equipment is built inside a marine container so ModHeat travels anywhere with ease. Usually tests are done at our customers premises where the material and waste heats are formed. Full scale pilot gives an accurate experience of the drying environment. This allows us to validate the drying parameters, ensure the quality of end product and give an accurate estimate of investment and operating costs.

Demo plant

Our Demo plant will be opened in the summer of 2018 in Rusko in Oulu. It is a new environment to handle various organic sludges. We can take multiple different materials to be processed in our continuous drying process. In addition to drying, we can offer material granulation services with our partner Rakeistus Oy. Demo plant is an optimal solution for organic sludges and especially when the best option is to transport the material to Rusko.





3. Solution

We want to help our customers to solve their drying needs in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. The purpose of piloting and testing is to ensure that our technology is the best fit for the customers’ unique need. We offer solutions that are fitted and optimized for the need and environment of the customer.

Product sales and drying as a service

On top of direct product sales, we offer drying as a service to our customers. With the service we take care of the operations of the process with our own personell and equipment. The customer pays one fixed price for each ton of dried material.

SFTec has a wide supplier network. We can design and build larger drying systems for the needs of our customers. We have contracts and a strong network of suppliers for burners, screening units, conveyors and automation systems. If you have a need to develop and invest a comprehensive drying processing line, contact us and let’s cooperate.


What is your need? Let's start cooperation!

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