On Thursday 14th of June, a production concept consisting of two innovative technologies was launched in Oulu Finland. The companies behind the concept are SFTec Oy and Rakeistus Oy. In the near future they will start to produce new fertilizers from recycled organic sludges with the help of National Resources Institute Finland. The Demoplant can handle for example residue from a biogas plant, different kinds of manure and waste water sludges. The process consists of drying (SFTec) and granulation (Rakeistus) of materials with the companies’ patented technologies. The project has been selected as one of the Finnish governments key projects and has received funding from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The project is made possible by Kiertokaari Oy and Gasum Oy.

Utilization of before mentioned challenging but nutrient rich sludges is a global challenge. Demoplant concept is offering a solution to this.

”We have significant amounts of problematic materials that can be turned into new products with this production concept. At the same time we are substituting the use of virgin materials such as phosphorous” says Sakari Kiviniemi the CEO of Rakeistus Oy.

The opening day was blessed with a sunny weather and a great amount of enthusiasm. Nearly 80 circular economy experts around Finland showed up for the opening. Some came all the way from India.

”Circular economy is made in cooperation and with concrete actions. Finland has profiled itself as the forerunner in circular economy but on top of strategies, we need more action in practise.” tells Jani Isokääntä the CEO of SFTec.

Seamless cooperation between SFTec and Rakeistus is a key component in the Demoplant concept. The technologies of the two company complement each other very well. Together they turn into a wholesome solution to a global problem.

”These kind of problems are too big for one company to solve alone. We hope that we at Oulu can act as a global benchmark on how to grasp the possibilities of circular economy.” concludes Isokääntä.