Innovations for material efficiency needs

ModHeat pilot unit, a mobile dryer for challenging materials ready for tests

SFTec’s mission is to create Innovations for sustainable and resource efficient material handling and to increase the cost efficiency of bio-energy production.

Based in Northern Europe, we combine the strong expertise established in our team to overcome the most difficult challenges of circular economy and sustainable energy production.

Bio-based energy production and circular economies involving different waste material flows have a common clear need to achieve optimal dryness of materials used. An innovative solution, ModHeat (Modular Heating) technology, has been developed for this need by SFTec. The patented technology ensures optimal dryness of all materials and advanced usability enabled by the easy to use construction. Our automated, energy-efficient, remote controlled system with a modular structure and scalability enables a solution for every need with the lowest investments.

We are innovative, not only in our technological approach, but also our business models are adjustable to customer needs.

Latest news

ModHeat wins the Main Prize in the MPIDEA competition

The high-class MPIDEA competition to create 100,000 jobs in Finland was resolved last week in Tampere. Industrial dryer ModHeat, was chosen as the winner among the four finalists thanks to its potential for employment and commercialization. The father of this...

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Commitment to sustainability

For SFTec, sustainability means managing our business responsibly and ensuring we include social, economic and environmental factors in our decision making process to ensure long-term business success.

We can do a lot more to generate a market for recycled nutrients and to remove the barriers and to take into use technologies that already exist. Lets turn the manure problem into a business opportunity.

Ville Niinistö

Minister of the Environment from 2011 to 2014